In my uncle's garden
Friday, November 22, 2002

Well, I haven't exploded or miscarried or haemorrhaged to death, so it looks like everything is okay. The discharge has stopped, if there was anything going on in the first place. The cramps still come and go but they're not as bad. I think I can declare this Not A Disaster.

Apparently pregnancy brings all kinds of pain, a fact which I somehow managed to miss in all my research. This was my first experience of that so it caught me by surprise. I'll be ready next time, yeah. Bring it on!

I'm not showing at all yet, and all my clothes still fit perfectly. In fact, at my last midwife appointment I'd lost three pounds. I guess that means I lost more than three pounds of fat, because I would have gained weight in other ways (blood volume, uterus, placenta, etc). I'm not sure how much weight that other stuff accounts for, though. Maybe not much. The midwife wasn't fussed about the weight loss; she says maternal weight isn't a particularly good indicator of either maternal health or fetal health, provided I'm eating well, which I am.

I can feel the bump when I lie down, though, and I swear it's bigger today than it was yesterday. At this rate I will be showing soon, which will please our receptionist, who checks out my belly every day and is convinced I'm already showing.

A couple of people at the office are treating me a little differently now that they know I'm pregnant, specifically the CTO and the president. When they ask me how I'm doing, they really mean it. They're interested in how the pregnancy is going, and they have both offered to give me some of their baby stuff. It's very sweet. It's like they're really pleased that I'm joining the club.

My friend Jill is really pleased that I'm joining the club too; she was the first person in her group of friends to have a baby, almost a year ago, and she's having trouble socializing because they are living on childless-person hours. Ironically, just as I'm leaving work she'll be starting work (she might even be taking over my job) so we won't be able to hang out during the day, which is really prime mother-socializing time.

She's having a really hard time staying home with her baby because she doesn't have a driver's license, and she doesn't live on the subway, and she's in a really boring neighbourhood. So she has the choice of fighting with all the baby gear on a bus, or just staying home. Mostly she chooses to stay home, and I can't blame her.

I'm very glad that I live in an interesting neighbourhood with lots of places to go on foot. Within a fifteen minute walk of my place there is a library, a large bookstore, the Top Banana toy shop, Mabel's Fables (a children's bookstore), innumerable coffee shops, and two parks. Not to mention a supermarkey, a deli, three green grocers, a fresh pasta shop, and the pet supply store. All this is going to make it very easy for me to get out of the house with baby, and maybe even get something useful done.