In my uncle's garden
Friday, December 20, 2002

Nothing much is happening, pregnancy-wise. I can feel the bump getting bigger, and I've almost outgrown my jeans but not my other clothes, and that's about it.

We got some kind of food poisoning or virus or something on Monday night. There was much time spent in the bathroom, and much thanks given for modern plumbing, and much general misery. We were over the most miserable part by Tuesday morning but we spent the day in bed anyway. That would have been a really nice day if we hadn't been sick, actually.

We clawed our way into work on Wednesday but I was exhausted by lunchtime, at which point I realized that I was responsible for another little life as well as my own, and I should really be sensible and go home. Which I did, and slept all afternoon.

It's now Friday and I thought I was all better, but I'm feeling extraordinarily tired considering it's only 2:30. I hope I perk up soon because I have to do a whole whack of Christmas shopping tonight.

Oh, the other baby thing I've just noticed is indigestion. I guess my uterus and my stomach are starting to duke it out.