In my uncle's garden
Monday, December 23, 2002

Still not much happening, but I guess that's good because I have more than enough things going on in the real world what with Christmas and preparing for my singing exam and such.

I got a couple of boxes of baby clothes and blankets and things from my boss, which is lovely. I haven't looked at them yet so I don't know if they're nice, which sounds like a horribly ungrateful thing to say. Well, it is a horribly ungrateful thing to say.

But I want my baby to have nice things, and by nice things I mean not tacky, I mean not turquoise and hot pink and covered in Barbies and silly sayings. Frankly, what I really want is to clothe my child in miniature grown up clothes. But I'm not sure if one can do that without buying everything at Baby Gap and Baby Roots and other baby versions of grown up stores. And that's expensive.

And of course as soon as she is old enough to have an opinion, the little elf will be wearing what she likes, not what I like. Maybe that just means I should dress her in what I like now, while I have the chance!