In my uncle's garden
Wednesday, January 15, 2003

There's not much to report today. Baby was quiet last night and this morning, and I almost worried, but she got to kicking me as the day wore on. She likes Shakira.

I took my Grade 6 vocal exam today, and that was my mental line after which I could start doing baby stuff in earnest. That means in the next couple of weekends we'll start shopping around for all the stuff we need.

I think the first place we'll hit is the second-hand baby shop on Bayview. If we can get the stroller and the playpen and the carrier and maybe some of the clothes and sundries from there, I'd be happy. We're looking at strollers in the $500 range, and it wouldn't be so bad if we bought one new, but it would be nice to save some money on it, too.

The next place will be Storkland, which is apparently huge and has lots and lots of strollers, so we can find a perfect one if we didn't get one second-hand. I also want to get a new car seat; I don't trust second-hand car seats, and the model I want is too new to be available used yet anyway.

Then Diaper-Eez for diapers and related items, and finally Macklems for the absolutely gorgeous crib bedding I saw there.