In my uncle's garden
Monday, January 20, 2003

Not much to report today. I made a spreadsheet that will automatically tell me (plus or minus 14 days) how many days until my due date. I'm getting a serious case of senioritis at work, which isn't so good because I'm still here for three and a half months. We're starting to look for a new tech support person, though, so that's new and exciting. I also get a thrill when people talk about releasing such and such a product in May or June. I won't be here, I won't be here! I sing to myself.

I had a moment of bogglement this morning when I realized how much and how permanently my life is going to change after the baby comes. Not only will I have a baby, which I don't really understand and thus cannot imagine, but I won't ever go back to a normal, 40-hour a week office job again, the kind where I wake up on Monday morning and give away the rest of my week to something I'm not particularly interested in or passionate about. I hope. I really hope.

That's not to say I'll never work again, of course. I have every intention of returning to the workforce again as soon as it is appropriate. I just don't want to go back into software, or really into any kind of office job, for a variety of reasons.

We got a few things done this weekend, things which are peripherally baby-oriented. I cleared out the linen closet, and was therefore able to mostly empty the dresser we're going to use for baby clothes. We also moved a particular bookcase in order to create space in order to move another bookcase in order to create a space to put an entertainment centre in order to have a place to put the TV once we move it out of the baby's room. I said peripherally, didn't I? Anyway, it was most satisfying, as rearranging and reorganizing often is.

There's nothing going on on the actual baby front (well, nothing external), apart from the fact that I retired yet another pair of pants this weekend. That leaves me with only one pair of pre-pregnancy pants, one pair of slacks I bought two sizes too big, and two pairs of stretch jeans in bigger-than-normal sizes. The latter three are a little too big, but the stretch pinstipe pants which I have from before the pregnancy are still perfect. I'm beginning to understand that they are the God pants, and will always be perfect. Until they aren't.