In my uncle's garden
Sunday, January 26, 2003

After reading the wonderful Girlfriends' Guide to Baby Gear I made a few changes to the shopping list.

Most notably, I removed "crib" from the must-have-before-baby-comes list, because I realized that if we get a playard/changing table/bassinet combo she can sleep in the bassinet part of that until she grows too big. At that point, we can get her a crib or not, as seems appropriate at the time.

I have also decided against accepting a hand-me-down crib; the book says to check for so many things that it seems like too much hassle; I won't be able to look over either of the cribs I've been offered, and I don't want to make the benefactors haul their cribs into town only to have me reject them.

I have only two concerns with using the bassinet: first, that it is well ventilated, and second that I can get fitted sheets for it. The babycenter site only has one (very poorly reviewed) bassinet fitted sheet designed for the bassinet I have in mind, but maybe it will take standard bassinet sheets? Who knows; I will have to look into that when we purchase.

The ventilation requirement is a SIDS concern; if baby sleeps in a poorly ventilated space she can end up in a pocket of Deadly Carbon Dioxide!, and I don't want to have to put her to bed with a spider plant.

I also took the stroller off the must-have-now list, on Ellie's advice as well as what they said in the book. I've come to realize that a stroller won't be necessary for at least a few weeks after Delphine comes, and maybe by then we will have more insight into when and why we need a stroller, so we can make a smarter decison.

I also added nursing bras to this list (how could I have forgotten?), lap pads (on Beth's advice, also confirmed by the (wonderful. Did I mention wonderful?) book), and a couple of specific toys.

That's about all. Delphine just started kicking; she's been quiet all day because I've been up and about, so it's nice to hear from her, even if all it means is that it's time to eat.