In my uncle's garden
Thursday, February 6, 2003

I'm just half a week from entering my third trimester. My body is heralding this milestone with fatigue and stretch marks, yay! The stretch marks are inevitable -- I always get them when I gain weight. The good news is they fade to almost-invisibility eventually. I got some of that cocoa butter from the Body Shop, but I know it won't make any difference. I just fancy walking around smelling like chocolate.

We were supposed to have a midwife appointment this Monday, but the midwife was busy with a birth. The next morning appointment was Friday (tomorrow), so I scheduled that, but the midwife just called wanting to reschedule to Monday because we were her only appointment on Friday and she didn't want to bother coming in. I didn't really want to reschedule for her convenience, but I did because I'm Canadian. And it seems like a good idea to stay on the good side of your midwife.

This particular midwife is our backup midwife, and I guess she's nice enough but I don't have quite the same chemistry with her that I do with our primary midwife. So I'm not even really looking forward to this appointment, apart from the fact that I want the usual reassurance, and to listen to Delphine's heartbeat.

This weekend we're going to start baby shopping. Apart from the bouncy chair I bought back in November, we haven't spent a penny on this baby yet. The plan of attack this weekend is to go to the two used-baby-stuff stores on Bayview and see if we can get a deal on any of the stuff on the shopping list -- at least, the stuff I'm comfortable getting second-hand.

Next weekend we'll go to Storkland, the big baby store, and pick out the stroller we want. If it turns out to be a Peg Perego I'll talk to Rene (co-worker) about getting it cheap -- he said he knew how I could get a deal. If not we'll suck it up and pay full price. We'll also probably pick up or at least choose the car seat, the carrier, and the playard next weekend. If the prices at Storkland are good.

After that we'll go to Diaper-eez to get the diapers and other stuff they carry there -- diaper pail, washcloths, etc. I also found a great online store, Hot Tots, which seems to have great prices on everything, including Kushies' Pack-n-Play bassinet sheets, which I haven't even seen anywhere else. So anything which Hot Tots has at a better price, I'll buy there. I do want to buy diapers at Diaper-eez because I want to look at the options in person, and talk to someone about how it's all going to work.

And I guess we're going to have to figure out where to put all this stuff sometime soon.