In my uncle's garden
Thursday, March 6, 2003

It's week 32 and things are starting to accelerate. We're seeing the midwife (or, I should say, one of the midwives -- we're up to three now) every other week, and by the end of the month we'll be seeing them every week. We started prenatal classes last Thursday, and I've realized that we really want to have everything ready to go by the end of this month, because I'm technically full-term on April 10th. Which only gives us four weekends -- see what I mean by "accelerate"?

I'm up to 240 lbs now and I think I'm showing pretty convincingly, although I'm not sure if the average passer-by would identify me as a pregnant woman (not least because it's still bloody cold and everyone is bundled up).

me, pregnant

Here's me modelling a gorgeous nursing gown given to me by the lovely and talented Beth.

I now fit perfectly into the size 22 jeans I bought months ago; it's so nice to have a pair of jeans that fit well. All my tops still fit okay, although I'm close to bursting a button or two on my nice wool coat. I hoped it would warm up enough that I could wear my suede jacket once I got too big for the wool, but the weather isn't co-operating.

There's really not much to report -- one would think that at this point there would be lots of exciting things to talk about, but really all she's doing in there is growing. There's not much going on on the outside, either; we bought a car seat, so all our big purchases are done, but we have yet to buy diapers and all the other little stuff.

We did rearrange the bedroom to make room for the bassinet, and sometime this weekend we'll move the television from the second bedroom into the living room. That means we'll have to move the big bookcase from the living room into the corner of the office, which sucks because the bookcase is a great focal point in the living room. Basically all the balance and style of the living room is going to go to hell. It'll be better once we get an entertainment centre to hold the TV and stuff, but those are hard to come by for a good price. Blake suggested we get a screen to hide the TV behind, which is a pretty good idea, especially if we get a pretty spectacular one to function as a focal point.

I'm starting to feel weird about quitting work. At the prenatal class we all had to introduce ourselves, and in my head I tried to formulate something like, "Hi, I'm Amy, I do technical support at a small software company..." and then I realized that, for the purposes of this class, that isn't relevant. And I felt kind of lost -- how will I identify myself when I'm not working? How will I let people know that I'm important? That I'm a contributing part of the world? Saying "I'm a mother" doesn't seem to cut it. I hope after Delphine comes I will be confident enough in the importance of what I'm doing that I won't feel like a nothing when people ask me what I do.