In my uncle's garden
Monday, April 14, 2003

This weekend was the climax of our baby-preparation. We:

  • washed and assembled the cradle
  • washed and assembled the bassinet
  • scoured the bathroom (thank you, Blake)
  • assembled the bouncy chair*
  • rearranged dresser drawers and moved all the diapers, clothes, blankets and other baby bedding into the bedroom

We don't have anything left to do; my calendar is empty. For the next few weeks we're going to read a lot, and watch a lot of TV and movies. And nap. This could conceivably go on for six weeks! It's like a little vacation, or the calm before the storm.

* It came to my attention after we assembled it that the bouncy chair doesn't actually bounce -- I assumed it would because it looks pretty much like the bouncy chairs you can get, but in fact it only rocks and vibrates.

We had a midwife appointment on Sunday; she came to our place to check out the location, figure out where she's going to set stuff up and so on. They specifically say "It's not a housekeeping test" but of course we cleaned up all day Saturday anyway. It was warm, so we opened the windows and did a huge spring clean, which was called for anyway, midwife or not.

We talked about how we know it's time to page her when I'm in labour, she took my blood pressure (normal), measured my uterus (37 cm -- right on track) and we listened to Delphine's heartbeat (strong). They have two doohickeys for listening to the baby's heartbeat; one is like a normal stethoscope, and you're supposed to be able to hear the heartbeat as ticks, but I can never hear anything. I prefer it when they use the Doppler, which picks up the heartbeat and amplifies it as a swishing sound, like the sea.

Delphine is now wedged firmly in my pelvis; the midwife said she can't move her out, which means she's further down than last week. Yay, progress!

Generally, I'm still feeling fine. I worked my ass off on Saturday and paid for it in terms of pelvic pain, but it didn't kill me. I've added inner-thigh pain to my repertoire of "ow"; I assume that is somehow related to loosening ligaments. I also get the occasional stabbing, pinching-type pain which I gather is caused by Del sitting in my pelvis. That pain only lasts for a few minutes at a time.

The good news is, I only experience pain when I'm walking around or standing, so I'm pretty happy at work. If I had a job which involved any standing whatsoever, I'd be screwed and have to stop working. As it is, I still plan to work until I go into labour. I only hope I go into labour early in the week, when we have lots of groceries in the house. And in the evening or overnight, so I don't have to try and figure out whether I'm really in labour or not at the office. How much would it suck to think I'm in labour, go home, and then realize I'm not really in labour and have to go back to work the next day?