In my uncle's garden
Tuesday, April 22, 2003


My thighs are sore, inside and out, as if I had been doing leg lifts. Which I haven't. I also get little twinges in my pelvis every so often, but not for longer than a few seconds; as if the baby is pressing on something, and then moving away. My belly hurts in the morning when I first stand up, as everything readjusts itself. My hip joints are sore.

My brother was up this weekend, and we walked up to Yonge and Eglinton for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday. We started walking at a normally brisk pace until I realized I just can't do that; too much pain!

Pregnancy has finally caught up with me.

The good news is I haven't had much heartburn lately, probably because Del isn't fighting for real estate with my stomach any more. And otherwise, I'm doing fine -- my blood pressure is still good, I'm not swelling up in weird ways, I'm flexible enough to shave my legs and paint my toenails, both of which I did this weekend.

I'm really tired today, but I think that's simple lack of sleep. I really ought to have a good nine hours every night, but it's easy to forget that and go to sleep at 11:30. Tonight I'm going to go to bed early, and hope that I don't go into labour before I've caught up on my sleep!

We had a midwife appointment this afternoon. It was uneventful; neither Blake nor I had any questions, and the midwife has run out of things to say -- all the topics they have to cover are already covered. So we moved rapidly to the checkup part of the appointment. Pee is good, weight is good (247, same as last time), fundus is the right size, baby is head-down with a good heart-rate, and my blood pressure is higher but still good. The fact that it's higher is just a sign that my body is getting ready to get to work, they say, which is nice. It's good that my body knows something is up.

I'm starting to get cranky and bitter -- wait, I think I've been saying that I'm starting to get cranky and bitter for three entries now. So I'm cranky and bitter, and I'm absolutely not entitled to be because I'm not due 'til next Wednesday, and the baby will probably be a week later than that. But I'm still tired of my pelvis hurting, of not being able to walk properly, of not being able to lie on my belly or roll over easily. Of going to work! I'm done -- can I have the baby now?