In my uncle's garden
Thursday, May 1, 2003

My feet are puffy! Nine months of pregnancy, and on my due date my feet get puffy. It's sad, because it's just getting to be sandal season, and puffy feet are not cute. Normally my feet are pretty elegant (big, but elegant) so I'm mildly distressed at their sausagey appearance. Apparently what I should be doing is drinking plenty, avoiding salt, and keeping my feet up, which sounds fair. I guess having the baby will also solve the problem.

Before anyone panics, this isn't preeclampsia. My blood pressure is normal and there's no protein in my urine. Also, my hands and face aren't swollen, just my feet.

I thought about it yesterday, and I decided Delphine has to come on Monday, the fifth. If she does, her birthdate will be 5/5/2003, 5 and 2003 are both prime, and 2 + 3 is 5; that's just too cool. If that doesn't work, the seventh is fine too: 07/05/03 -- they're all prime and equidistant, if you express the year as two digits. Failing that, the 11th would be okay; at least it's prime, but it's also a long, long way away.