In my uncle's garden
Wednesday, May 7, 2003

I'm starting to get tired of phone calls asking if we have had the baby yet. Phone calls from my parents; not exactly people who we would forget to call if the baby came. My mother actually managed to make me feel like it's my fault the baby hasn't come yet -- you know, if I weren't working I could be going to the park and out shopping, and that would magically make the baby come.

No, that would just tire me out so labour would suck ass. But thanks for caring.

People really don't seem to grasp the four-week window thing. I'm not past term yet! I have a whole nother week to go before I'm past term. I swear, next time I do this I'm going to lie about my due date and say it's two weeks later than it is, so people can start fussing when it's actually appropriate to do so, instead of making me feel like a defective freak for not having the baby right on my due date.

I've also been looking into all those folk tales they suggest to bring on labour -- walking, eating spicy food, riding in a car on a bumpy road. Shockingly, there is no actual evidence that any of these things make any difference; you go into labour when you're good and ready, and not before. So all this shit about "you should do this" and "you should do that" can just stop.

Not that it will, of course. But I can dream. Or maybe I can just stop answering the phone.

In other news, I think I have taught my replacement everything she needs to know about how to do my job, apart from the huge amount of product knowledge which she will have to pick up the hard, ugly way, like I did. But she knows how to use all the third-party software, how to do documentation, how to submit bugs, and who to talk to when she has questions. Maybe this is the breakthrough Delphine has been waiting for.

Also, if she comes tonight I won't have to deal with an AIX tech support nightmare that's currently ongoing. That would just be a special bonus, though.

My tongue pierce has disappeared. Well, not really, but when I hold my tongue a certain way the top ball almost completely recedes into my tongue. The only reason I mention this here is that I wonder if my tongue is swollen because of all the extra fluid in my system. If the phenomenon doesn't go away after the baby comes, I guess I'll look into it some more, because it seems like a mildly bad thing.

And finally, because I don't know if we will ever get around to taking a picture of me at this size (and I feel like I'm ten times bigger than I was when we took the last picture), I measured my middle and I am 49" in circumference. I have no idea what I was before I got pregnant, but at least I'll have something to compare with after the baby comes and I'm back in normal clothes.

Oh, and at my last midwife visit I was 249 lbs, I think. I can't remember if I posted that; that's a net gain of 19 lbs. It's more than I wanted to gain, but I'm still getting people telling me I look thinner, so we'll have to see how much I lose after Del comes.