In my uncle's garden
Thursday, May 8, 2003

Today at the office, I fixed two more bugs. The only other bugs I can fix, I have no intention of working on; they're either low priority, or just too much work to start on.

Do you know what this means? It means I am done. I have nothing else to do at work. I feel like a big fraud coming in to the office and expecting full pay to surf the Internet. (Which is strange, because I had no qualms about coming in and surfing the Internet back when I had actual work to do.)

Tomorrow morning at 8:15 we have an ultrasound; I guess by "we" I mean me and Delphine, because Blake is threatening to be too tired to get up in time. I'm looking forward to it; it will be cool to see an ultrasound of a full-term infant. Hopefully I can get a picture.

After the ultrasound we have a midwife appointment at 10:00. I hope we'll talk about induce-y things we can do; I think it's about time, because by next Wednesday we'll have to induce chemically. So it would make sense to start trying non-medical induction now. I guess it depends on the state of my cervix, though.

PS: I'm not actually 149 lbs, I'm 249 lbs. Don't panic, I am not wasting away.