In my uncle's garden
Tuesday, June 17, 2003

The last two days have been the kind of lazy, easy days that non-mothers think mothers have every day. Yesterday, I did some chores (the usual: laundry and cleaning the kitchen, plus the should-really-be-more-usual: vacuuming) and then at around two I went to my mother-in-law's condo and sat by the pool with her and my sister-in-law for two hours. Delphine slept in her stroller in the shade for the most part, and m-i-l and s-i-l dandled her when she was awake while I read the newspaper. It was sweet! Sweet, I tell you.

Today we all woke up early, so I was out of the house with Delphine in the front carrier before ten. I walked up to Eglinton, did some shopping and walked home. I got the usual household chores done (I do them in fits and starts when Del is sleeping or awake-and-happy in her bassinet, gazing at the quilt Karen D made her) and spent some time playing with Delphine, then at around one I put Del in her stroller and we walked along the Beltline (a former railroad track converted to a treed path) to a very cool park where I sat and watched the kids play while Del slept.

After our walk we took a nap, and then I fixed myself a snack. Blake just came home and he brought me a frappuccino. This is the life.

New and Different

Delphine is now five weeks and three days old. She's got a wicked case of baby acne, all over her cheeks and behind her ears, down her neck and on her shoulders. It doesn't bother her and everyone still thinks she's cute, though.

At our last midwife apointment, about two weeks ago, she weighed 11 pounds. She has already grown out of the newborn size "onesies" (tm) and the smallest John Lennon one-piece. I had to bring out some of the six-to-twelve-month clothes, but they're still a little too big, mostly. Still, what will hold a lot of baby will hold a little baby.

As for me, I can almost fit into all my pre-pregnancy clothes; there are only a couple of things I left in storage. The clothes are still mostly a smidgen tight, but I'm okay with that, for now.

My incision doesn't give me much trouble -- it itched one day about a week ago, but nothing since. My belly is still swollen in the middle, but it doesn't hurt much.

I think my boobs have grown, but I haven't tried to buy a real bra since my milk came in, so I don't know by how much. I'm girding my loins for the nursing bra purchase; buying a regular bra is hard enough. I need to find someone who will go with me to hang out with Del while I try bras on; I don't know anyone who loves me that much. For now I'm wearing one of the two Bravado nursing bras I own. They're pretty good -- they cover me up and hold a nursing pad in place -- but they are not flattering.

Cloth Diapers

We're diapering with cloth, for all the usual reasons, and also because we're cheap. It's actually easier than advertised; I wash a load of diapers every other day, which is easy and fun because of the aforementioned excellent washer and dryer. The folding part is less fun, but it's one of those jobs which seem to take forever but really only take a few minutes.

I'm not sure if the cloth leaks more than disposables because I have no experience with disposables, but so far it doesn't seem too bad. Del gets a little damp around the edges, but there isn't any actual, you know, dripping, and solid matter is almost always contained, if not in the diaper itself then in the cover. any other name

I've read that by four months, babies start to recognize their own names, which alarms me somewhat because we haven't, um, really used Delphine's name much yet. We call her Delli-bum and Squidgey or "The Squidge", but not Delphine. I'm making a point of calling her Delphine, though; I think I've done it twice.