In my uncle's garden
Sunday, June 22, 2003


We went to see the midwife for the last time on Friday. I'm really going to miss Edan, but the good news is the midwife clinic is having a big party in September, and there's a mothers' group which meets every Thursday, so I don't have to sever ties altogether. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get Edan to be our midwife when we have our next baby.

Delphine now weighs 12 lbs, 2 oz and she's 23.5 inches long. Everything seems to be going well, health-wise.

According to the baby books, she's supposed to be reaching and grasping things now, but she isn't really; she'll sometimes grab on to things, but it seems more accidental than anything. I'm not worried about it -- the books all have endless caveats that all babies are different -- but I'm a little amused at myself because of course I just assumed that Delphine would meet all the milestones on time or early. Those caveats? They were for the other mothers! I'm actually kind of glad she's behind; I love the stage she's in and I'm not ready for her to grow up yet.


I'm inspired by Beth's Baby Basics page to write about what we use and don't use, and what I wish I had.

Stuff We Don't Use

Crib and cradle: I borrowed a cradle from my lovely friend Jill, and my office chipped in to buy me a crib (which I wanted and had on my wish list); we don't use them. Delphine sleeps in the big bed with us. I don't know how long that will go on for, because she only wakes up for one feeding overnight so we could move her out sometime soon. On the other hand, in the morning when I sneak out of bed she whimpers until Blake puts his hand near her -- she doesn't like to sleep alone. Plus I like sleeping near her.

Rocking chair: Well, I have been using the rocking chair as somewhere for Delphine to sit and watch me when she's awake but I have things to do. However, now that I have the high chair I don't think the bouncy chair will see much use until Delphine is old enough to use it as a rocking chair.

Changing pad: We have one of those big contoured changing pads which I think is designed to go on top of a changing table. I had intended to put it on my low dresser, but it turned out to be too big. I do use it to bath Delphine; I put it on the kitchen counter and lay a towel on it and sponge-bath her, since bathing her in the sink proved to be too traumatic for both of us.

Stuff We Use

Clothes: Surprisingly, we clothe our baby, although she would rather we didn't. I have a few onesies (the actual Gerber "onesie" brand, even) but she grew out of the newborn size a couple of weeks ago. The Gerber brand onesies are kind of shitty -- the fabric is very thin and doesn't feel nice. I have a lovely onesie from a company called E. A. Underwear for Baby; the cotton is thick and it's nicely finished. I also have a couple of Carter's onesies from the John Lennon collection which are also thick and well-made.

I don't put Delphine in a onesie every day; some days I dress her in a romper. The only distinction between a onesie and a romper is that a romper is fancier and less underwear-like. The nicest ones are from a company called First Impressions -- they are made of good sturdy fabrics and finished with all kinds of lovely details, like rick-rack or buttons or little flowers. I think they must be quite expensive, but my mother-in-law bought them in Florida on sale.

I have a couple of t-shirts and tops, but they bunch up when we carry Delphine, and you spend all your time smoothing them down. They were nice for the first few days when her umbilical stump was still healing, but I'm not convinced they were necessary even then.

Stroller: We got a big fancy stroller from Bebecar, and it has been worth the money. We go out in the stroller at least five times a week; it handles nicely and holds lots of groceries in the bottom storage basket. The drawback is that it's huge; I tried to take it to the mall downtown and regretted it because I kept getting in people's way, bumping into corners, squeezing into elevators. It would be okay in a suburban mall with only one level and big hallways, but not so much in the downtown Eaton Centre.

And now the house is awake and my day is going to begin, so I have to finish. I'll write more about stuff we use next time. Today, we're going to watch the Dragon Boat Races on Centre Island.