In my uncle's garden
Monday, September 15, 2003

It's 6:17 in the morning, and everyone else is asleep. I woke up at around 5:00 to feel Delphine, and while she was nursing I started thinking about our condo board, and how someone on it wants to pay to power wash the outside of the building, and how stupid that is. That got me all awake, and then when Delphine was done I got up to go to the bathroom, and when I got back Del was in the middle of my half of the bed. I didn't feel like wrestling her for the space since I'm not really sleepy anyway, so here I am on the Internet instead. I can always nap later if I'm tired, which Blake can't if I keep him up tossing and turning.

So it's been ages since I wrote, and a lot has changed, I think. It seems like she's come a long way, anyway.

The diaper rash has gone away completely, because we're Vaselineing at every change, and we've switched to disposables for overnight. That's all I have to say about that, so this is a short paragraph. (It's early. Give me a break.)

Delphine has got much better at sitting up; she can sit in a kind of tripod, leaning forward on her hands, for a few seconds before she topples over. She rolls over from back to front almost compulsively; it's as if she knows there's more potential for travelling when she's on her front, so she doesn't countenance being on her back for long. She can play by herself on her belly for quite a long time, maybe ten or twenty minutes, before she becomes frustrated and demands rescue.

She's perfected the art of grabbing things and stuffing them in her mouth. Her favourite thing is paper; if we give her a sheet of newspaper or a magazine she will spend a good many minutes crumpling it and shoving it in her mouth. She particularly likes bright pages. I realize I'm teaching her the fine art of wrecking printed matter, but the pleasure of seeing her so engrossed in something is worth it. We'll teach her the difference between books and magazines later.

I can't think of anything else to say, which is perhaps for the best because I seem to remember these laundry lists of achievements are pretty boring when I read them in other peoples' baby journals. It's exciting when it happens, when it's your baby, but it's not so interesting to read the dry words on the page. Or even to write them. Suffice to say, perhaps, that she's developing normally.

Delphine had her four-month checkup on Friday. She's 16 pounds and three ounces, and 25 and three quarter inches long. Her head is 42 cm or about 16 and a half inches in circumference. Her growth is consistent and her size is sloping gently into normal, which is good. Her head circumference growth seemed to be decelerating, but the doctor's computer doesn't show a chart of normal growth, so that might be normal. I should get a growth chart of my own and plot it just to be sure.

We're still nursing exclusively, a fact which continues to amaze and impress the doctor. She says to keep it up as long as possible, even up to six months if we can, which I am more than happy to do. I love nursing; it has become effortless and painless, and when I think that I am providing my baby with all the nutrients she needs to grow, it gives me a thrill. There's something wonderfully intimate about transferring nourishment directly from my body into hers, and at the same time bestowing comfort and love. It's the best thing.