In my uncle's garden
Monday, October 27, 2003: Five and a half months

So long since I posted. And right now Del's at the end of a long nap, so I don't think I'll be able to say much. I just wish I could have some time to myself. Just an hour. Maybe two. When family comes over to babysit, I do housework. When Delphine sleeps, I do housework. Now I understand why Mother's Day is so important.

I shouldn't complain, because I do do lots of fun stuff; this weekend we rented The Matrix Re-whatevered and I actually figured out what happened there with the three ships and the sentinels and that dead guy at all. It's a much better movie when you understand it, I just wish they had scripted and shot and edited it so that I understood it the first time. Or maybe I need to be smarter.

But back to the subject of this journal: our Delphine. She's come a long way since the last entry. She sits up by herself, and hardly ever falls over backwards and hits her head. She can sit and amuse herself for minutes at a stretch. She can also stand up by herself, from a sitting position, if she's got something to hold onto. Can she stay standing? No. I expect this disparity in abilities will cause some grief until it is remedied.

She babbles quite a bit, mostly "bbbttthhhh" type noises, with lots of spit and bubbles. She doesn't seem interested in conversation; if you try and respond to her when she's talking she will stop, look at you until she's ascertained that you are not going to interrupt her again, and then continue.

She shows some signs of crawling; she knows what she needs to do, but she doesn't have the strength to do it, so she lies on her tummy thrashing about, more often going backwards than forwards. Soon, though, soon. It will be great when she's mobile because so much of her frustrations seem to stem from not being able to get around.

We've started childproofing. I have started plugging up electrical outlets with those little covers. We bought some boxes which fit into the cubbies in our bookcase (Expedit by Ikea -- no time to link); they are going to go in the floor level cubbies for Del's toys to live in, so she can get to them easily. And put them away easily. Yesterday I tried installing a latch on the kitchen cabinet, but it went badly. I'll try again next weekend, I expect.

Delphine started eating cereal about a month ago, and she's taken to it really well. So far she's tried rice, oatmeal and barley, with no ill effects from any of them (apart from the expected diaper badness). She's also learned how to open wide and not grab the spoon, so it's a pretty tidy business most of the time. This morning she wasn't interested in her cereal at all, though; I think she might have been tired, although she had a full night's sleep. I had to throw it out, which killed me because I used a full two ounces of breastmilk to make it.

I'm not exactly a champion pumper; I usually don't get more than an ounce or two. I got a full four ounces the other morning, because I had only nursed Delphine on the right breast all night, so my left breast was full to bursting. Normally it doesn't work out like that, though. Bah.

The trip to Saskatchewan went well. The plane didn't crash, I didn't crash the car, and we didn't suffocate the baby in my parents' crappy bed. My mother did have a few things to say about how I'm raising Delphine, but the remarkable and pleasant thing was that I don't care. I seem to have lost any need for my parents' approval.

They were so generous to us; they bought Delphine a playpen and a stroller, a special baby towel, and a bowl and spoon. We brought it all home. The stroller is one of those ultra-light, ultra-cheap umbrella strollers which is so handy for going downtown with because it fits into the tiniest elevator, and I can easily pick it up with Delphine in it to go up and down stairs. No longer need I fear going downtown.

We now have four ways of transporting Delphine. One baby, two adults, four modes of transport: the big stroller, the little stroller, the BabyTrekker carrier, and an Evenflo backpack a friend bought us. They all serve their own purposes: the big stroller is great for grocery shopping (because it has a big basket for cargo) or going for walks; the little stroller is good for going on the subway or to places which might not be accessible; the front carrier is good for trips when you'll need your hands free; the backpack is good for walks and when you don't want the bulk of the carrier.

With all that I'm pretty confident that I can transport two babies at the same time. That's right, two babies; I've started to get used to the idea that we'll have another one soon (although as far as I know I'm not fertile yet). I hope that this time next year I'll be pregnant again. I'd like the kids to be between 18 months and 30 months apart; my brother and I are 19 months apart and always got along really well. I think it helps to be just one grade apart -- you can relate to your sibling better. Anyway, we'll see; maybe I won't get pregnant as easily this time.